We are proud of our history and it’s role in the community. This business has operated since 1939, making us a very spritely 70-something…

The business has changed hands eight times since then and we will gradually add to this page as we learn more about each of the previous owners. If you know any details, please sing out!

Jerrems Pharmacy - est. 1939

    The Greenwich pharmacy was started by E.A. Jerrems Jnr in 1939 on the corner of Greenwich Rd and Evelyn St, opposite the doctor’s residence. The Jerrems family settled in Greenwich in 1880

    Here are some terrific photos taken with a “six shilling plastic camera” of the Jerrems family and the pharmacy, courtesy of  the Lane Cove Library, A. Jerrems, and E. Bennett.


More details to come


More details to come

Arthur Foster

More details to come

Wendy Wolfe

More details to come

Brian and Roslyn McConaghy

Brian and Roslyn McConaghy built the shop in the current location in 1975 when it moved from the original location on the corner of Greenwich Rd & Evelyn St.

The Village Group - Philip Young, Katharina Nicholson & Sarah McLean

More details to come