March 1, 2015


Carrying extra weight in your mid-life years means you are more likely to have major chronic disease and physical and cognitive limitations by the time you reach your 70s, according to results published in the British Medical Journal.

Long-term research known as the Nurses Health Study showed that every one-unit increase of BMI in mid-life was associated with a 12% reduction in the odds of healthy survival beyond 70 years.

The average Australian adult gains about one kilogram per year, and obesity has overtaken smoking as our leading cause of death and illness. We can all see how easy it is for the extra kilos to sneak on, especially over the holiday season. But what actually causes the weight gain?

On average it comes from an energy imbalance of 100kcal per day for a year. And what does this look like? 100kcal is the energy in four teaspoons of sugar, 1/10 of a tube of Pringles (just 9 crisps), one Tim Tam, 120mL white wine or 285mL beer. So you can see how easily it adds up.

The challenge is to stop this from happening in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Since 1994, a large US study has been tracking the success of people who have lost weight and kept it off. Traits of successful weight losers include:

– Weighing in weekly with a qualified practitioner,
– Eating breakfast every day,
– Limiting television time to less than 10 hours per week,
– Exercising for an hour each day,
– Being more consciously aware of what they eat and how much they exercise during the holidays.

We run a weight loss program in the pharmacy that helps you meet these criteria. The weekly weigh in keeps you focused without stressing about the normal weight fluctuations that you see if you weigh yourself daily at home. We start with a full nutritional review, including your medical history, current symptoms and current diet. We give you a recipe book with lots of delicious meals, and encourage you to eat healthy, real food.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Pharmacy & Nutrition by Diana Boot