September 30, 2012

Change of Ownership – Goodbye

To our Customers and Patients,


After 8 very exciting and enjoyable years of owning Greenwich Village Pharmacy, Sarah, Katharina and Philip have decided that it is time to sell the Pharmacy business. We are fortunate to have found a dedicated and experienced pharmacist, Diana Boot, to maintain the high level of healthcare that we have strived to provide to you. As of Thursday, 1st of November, Diana will be the new owner of Greenwich Village Pharmacy. We are sure that you will find her a valuable addition to the Greenwich community, and her letter to introduce herself to you is attached.


8 years have seen our pharmacy undergo a major renovation, and complete transformation in our aim to provide you a pharmacy where we could offer the best service to help you and your family manage your health. In this environment we now provide a private consultation room, pathology services, extensive knowledgeable advice on nutritional medicine and supplements, multiple community health programs such as Webster packing and the National Diabetes Service, and always the most up to date drug and medical information. Above all we have been blessed with outstanding professional and caring staff who have been dedicated to making the provision of all this a reality, and for that we are most grateful. You will be pleased to know that they will remain once we have handed over to Diana, so the transition of ownership should be relatively seamless.


As we reflect on the last 8 years, we can see the change from Greenwich Pharmacist Advice to Greenwich Village Pharmacy; not only the physical changes, but also the fulfilment of what we set out to build and deliver. Essential to this journey has been your support and friendship, and for that we are most thankful. We wish you and your family’s health and happiness, and thank you for the opportunity to have been part of the Greenwich community.


Kind regards,


Katharina, Philip and Sarah.



One Reply to “Change of Ownership – Goodbye”

Dear MS Diana and all the friendly team,

We are very happy to have you in our area. Thank you for all your assistance in the past seven years that we have been living in Greenwich.

Looking forward to receiving your continuous support and valuable advice in the years to come.

Kind regards,
Fatemeh & Bahram


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