February 1, 2014

Four Reasons to Febfast

This February we are undertaking a health challenge called Febfast: a 28 day break from alcohol and sugar and an opportunity to help young people tackle alcohol and drug issues. “Pause for a cause” is the Febfast catch phrase, and we are planning to do our best to have a break from some less healthy habits.

We are not into fad diets and guilt and all that business, because they rarely work. Alcohol, sugar and caffeine can all have their place in a healthy diet. It’s about balance.

The average Australian drinks 10L of pure alcohol per year, the equivalent of 20 glasses of wine per week and eats 29 teaspoons of added sugar per day. No wonder we now have the third highest rate of obesity in the world.


1. You could lose weight – less alcohol and sugar will help you to shed the extra kilos you might have gained over the last few weeks or months. Of course the best way to prevent this is to eat well and exercise regularly, but a focused effort for one month can really help to stop the weight gain before it all gets too hard.
2. You’ll feel good – last year 97% of participants experienced a health or lifestyle benefit, like feeling more alert, weight loss, better sleep, more time in the day.
3. You can help others – every week four teenagers are killed due to alcohol related incidents. Help raise funds for family counselling programs to deal with drug and alcohol addiction in young people.
4. It’s the shortest month of the year!

So please join our team (Greenwich Village Pharmacy) at www.febfast.org.au, or sponsor us with a donation in the pharmacy. Even if you read this in mid-Feb, it’s not too late.

If you want to know more about weight loss or detox, come into the pharmacy or give us a call.

TVO 2014 February febfast

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