March 1, 2014

The Right Medicine at the Right Time

Do you find it difficult to remember to take your medicines?

Are you caring for someone who takes multiple medicines every day?

Most people have forgotten to take their medications or doubled up on the dose occasionally. This under or over use of medicines is a common cause for hospital admissions in Australia. According to an Australian study, ½ of all older people don’t take their medicines as prescribed. Many people take too much of their medicines resulting in unnecessary side effects, while others take too little, meaning they are not receiving the full benefit.

Poor medication compliance is largely preventable by using a Dosage Administration Aid (DAA). We use the Webster packing system, which is a convenient and portable weekly pack of all your medicines, with a separate compartment for each time of day for seven days. You simply push out the contents of the blister through the foil backing for the correct time on the correct day. You can quickly see when you next need to take the medicine or if the dose has been missed. The Australian study mentioned before showed that Dosage Administration Aids combined with accessto a trained pharmacist can help to increase compliance from 50% to over 85%.

With this system we can manage all of your prescriptions with your GP, so that you don’t need to worry about running out of repeats or if your scripts are close to their expiry date. The pack includes a list of all the enclosed medicines, plus other medicines taken such as inhalers and eye drops, providing vital information for hospital or ambulance staff in case of an emergency.

We are currently offering a one month free trial so you can assess if a Dosage Administration Aid would be suitable for you.

If you want to know more please come into the pharmacy or give us a call.

TVO 2014 March Webster packing

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