• Glue ear: Are antibiotics and grommets the only option?

    Glue ear: Are antibiotics and grommets the only option?

    Many children will have ear infections, which are painful but generally not serious and get better quickly. But some cases linger, and this is the most common cause of hearing loss in children. When it lasts for a long time speech and language development may be affected. The main causes of ear infections are upper

  • Natural Skin Care

    Natural Skin Care

    Chemicals in personal care and cosmetic products are known to cause contact dermatitis in a growing number of people and are absorbed into the blood stream, causing various effects in the body. You may have noticed them on the labels of the products you use: parabens, phthalates, triethanolamine, methylisothiazolinone and many more. They are difficult

  • Vitamin D levels fall in winter and as we age

    Vitamin D levels fall in winter and as we age

    It’s a bit of a quandary – too much sun causes skin cancer, but not enough means inadequate Vitamin D. How do we make sure we are getting enough, why is Vitamin D so important and how do our needs change as we age? Vitamin D is found in small amounts in the diet, the

  • Cold and Flu – Facts or Fiction?

    Cold and Flu – Facts or Fiction?

    Old wives tales and urban myths abound around the treatment of colds and flus. How do you sort out the facts from all the fiction? Sneezing and coughing is the only way infection is spread Fiction: Breathing in the expelled droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze will certainly expose you to the virus



    Do you feel your joints more in the cold? As the temperature drops, many people find that their arthritis becomes more painful. Movement becomes harder due to the shorter, colder days and this just makes things worse. Here are some tips for helping painful joints: Anti-inflammatory medicines such as Celebrex (on prescription from your doctor),