1 June 2014

Do you Snore? Are you Tired?

Sleep apnoea affects 25% of Australian men and 9% of Australian women. The most common form is called obstructive sleep apnoea, where your airway is blocked for 10 seconds to […]

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14 May 2014

Fight Cold and Flu with Zinc

Winter is nearly here and it is the time to make sure you have enough zinc in your system, because it’s required for good immune function. It helps you to […]

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1 May 2014

Asthma and your Diet– Is there a link?

Asthma affects more than two million Australians and this is growing. A recent Australian study suggests that a decline in diet quality may contribute to this. The ‘Modern Australian Diet’ […]

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1 April 2014

Watching Videos to Quit

WATCHING VIDEOS TO QUIT We are enrolling patients for a study being conducted at Royal North Shore Hospital with a new technique to help patients quit smoking. The technique has […]

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1 March 2014

The Right Medicine at the Right Time

Do you find it difficult to remember to take your medicines? Are you caring for someone who takes multiple medicines every day? Most people have forgotten to take their medications […]

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1 February 2014

Four Reasons to Febfast

This February we are undertaking a health challenge called Febfast: a 28 day break from alcohol and sugar and an opportunity to help young people tackle alcohol and drug issues. […]

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27 October 2013

Dermatitis – Scratching till it hurts

Latest News from The Village Observer – October 2013 THE WORD DERMATITIS comes from two Greek words and simply means skin inflammation. The skin becomes dry, itchy, red and irritated, and sufferers […]

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